Thursday, July 25, 2013

Belong to you and Made for you by: Vi Keeland

Wow ... really wow I started Belong to you yesterday morning and since I have read Belong to you and Made for you. I finished the first book and picked up the second right away. Since the book was reported to be like fifty shades I expected more hard core and truly messed up individuals but that isn't what I got. Instead I got two individuals who had issues that were more along the lines of what everyday people experience. It was a totally believable story line.
Jack is the tall brooding sexy as hell alpha male millionaire, who has commitment issues. That is until he meets the sexy wild yet reserved Sydney. From the first meeting it is an intense roller coaster of a ride. Between ex's and jealous friends and nosy parents i was full of oh no they didn'ts. This really was a great story line and I am pleased to add Jack to my list of book boyfriends. He gets a spot on the not so screwed up side.

Monday, July 22, 2013

REAL by : Katy Evans

Ahhhh so I never read belong to you by Vi Keeland thanks to Terri the bitch Forbes. This is how an innocent conversation can be a game changer with a nut like me.
Me: can you believe they put Kellan up against Remy??????? Seriously there is no one hotter than Kellan they should just hand him the title by default!!!!
Terri: what the F**k are you talking about???
Me: NAALLEY has a book boyfriend tournament going on.. I have been voting for the past week do you ever listen to me???
Terri: Ok so you don't like Remy?
Me: Never read it but come on i named my nook after Kellan. He's a God among Men.
Terri: how do you know Remy isn't if you haven't read him
Me: because I do
Terri: Obviously you don't if you haven't read him
Me: Yeah I do
Terri: what ever be judgemental with out knowing
Me: fine I'll read him but I won't love him
Terri: How do you know obviously you know more about Kellan but give Remy a shot.. Don't be a bitch!
Me: I just do but fine I'll roll with it.
Now to most that would be an innocent conversation but what Terri was doing was pushing knowing my addictions.
Not necessarily in that order.. So I purchased REAL by : KATY EVANS ten seconds later and went on to read. It took me a little longer to read it due to annoying kids and getting my son ready for his first trip to Disney. Let me say I am really grateful for that conversation and Terri's push. Remington Tate is a true king kong donkey kong. Ladies be prepared to drop your panties for this feral caveman.
I have been wracking my brain trying to figure out how to describe Remy. It wasn't till i went on a rant talking to Terri about the book that I realized there is no one way to describe Remy. See there are so many Remy's you get to meet in the book.
There is Remy the athlete he is conditioned and regimented training eight hours a day. He's focused and is the best of the best. Not to mention cocky as hell, but he has a right to be if you looked like him you would be too. Remy is six foot plus with black hair and crystal clear blue eyes. Almost no body fat and ripped like a God.
Then there's speedy Remy he too is cocky but he's impulsive throwing that pantie dropping grin all around. Speedy Remy drinks and parties and everyone loves to be around him. The true life of the party. He also has the need to canoodle often. Word to the wise don't piss off speedy Remy he becomes violent quickly.
Now we come to Dark Remy and he feels unworthy of love. This is the man who just wants to lock out the world and self loathe he can be mean when dark.
Finally we have Brooke's Remy. He is sensual in a feral neanderthal way. He covets her and is extremely jealous of everybody and anybody she comes into contact with including himself. All he wants is her happiness at any cost, any he proves it.
Brooke is broken not in the I have been hurt before way, but the I lost all I worked for in one single second way. Being an ex athlete she can relate to Remy on many levels and she gets his dedication. Brook is the quiet reserved professional on the outside and a wild woman on the inside. All Brooke wants is to have Remy naked and alone to have him in anyway possible. 
So what do you get when you put Remy and Brooke together???? One hell of a roller coaster romance, but it's a great ride. There are ups and downs and moments where you hold your breath waiting to see what happens next. Only to scream yes or hell no. ( yes I scream at my nook). I have officially fallen in love with Remy!!!! Yes I admit it, and hats off to Katy Evans for giving a name to Remy's issue and making it normal.


1374479554950.jpgIf you haven't read REAL yet stop being stubborn and get on it. You won't regret it.
Final note the play was was cool but I personally added in Adele one and only and matchbox 20 unwell to the play list on my phone.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

On ward and forward

Now that losing Hope is done I NEED TO FIND MY NEXT CONQUEST.  I think I'm going to go for Belong to you by Vi Keeland. The reviews said that if you liked 50 shades you'll love this series. Well I didn't like 50 shades I loved it.  I was actually outside the book store waiting for it to open to buy books two and three.  So if these books are half as good as 50 shades I know I will be a happy happy girl. Not to mention I am in the mood for some smutt. :P Well i am off to start the books i'll check back in and tell you how it is going.

Blown away by Colleen Hoover

Yay I finally finished Losing Hope by Colleen Hoover. It took me four days only because i forced myself to put it down. Sometimes the little things in life need to be taken care of. Like feeding the kids and laundry. Now I know they don't trump reading but it's hard to read when you have kids whineing in the background.  I also wanted to savor each moment of the book like a fine wine.  I read Hopeless in the past and I loved it . I've actually read all of the slammed series too and damn Colleen Hoover is a great writer, but i'm here to talk about Losing Hope not the other books right. Well this is Holden's point of view. Don't worry there isn't alot of overlap. Actually there were times where I found myself bracing for a part that I knew was coming up but it didn't. Why you ask well duh it's from Holders point of view and he wasn't in the scene from Hopeless.
The characters in this book are so well developed and loveable. You just want to reach into the pages and hold them. Finding out about Les (Holders sister) and her story and how Breckin and Holder interact was great, and don't get me started on Daniel  Holder's best friend. He's a dip shit but he's a funny dipshit. Seeing inside Holders mind the pain the guilt the self loathing was really heart wrenching. Then once again watching his and Sky's relationship unfold was great. I loved it when I first read Hopeless and I loved it now. Colleen Hoover has a way of making your mind pull the characters from the pages and play out in a little movie in your head .
From the moment I opened the book I was captivated. The way the emotions played out from Les's death to should he tell Sky the truth or not right upto dealing with the truth I could acually feel it. This was just an amazing book, and I sincerely hope that Colleen Hoover gives us more of Holder and Sky's story. Fingers crossed. xxxxxxxxxxx

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

About half way through loosing hope. People it's A..mazing.  seriously loving this book. Where the hell were teenage boys like Dean when I was a kid??????? Ok back to the book.

Monday, July 15, 2013

So excited started LOSING HOPE by Coleen Hoover... Ten pages into it and I'm in love.  I just wanted to hug Holder.
So I decided to revisit a few books I have read in the past that I LOVE FALL FROM GRACE, SAVING GRACE AND SCARS AND SONGS BY CHRISTINE ZOLENDZ.  OK first off i have a thing for stories about angels. So I when I first bought FALL FROM GRACE I was like yes. Then after I started reading I couldn't put it down. Grace the main female character is snarky and well versed in just about everything. She is the bad ass female we all wish we could be. I mean really who wouldn't want to be beautiful and quick witted.( I am rarely both at the same time) Not to mention she has a heart the size of Manhattan. Then there is Shane f**k me Maxton. He is definitely a king kong donkey kong. ( I would climb him like king kong and get it on like donkey kong) He is not your typical bad boy although he is a man whore, but there is so much more to him. Through out the first book i wasn't sure if i wanted to kick him in the nards or invite him over for a corona ;) and some fun. Now I've said it before and I'll say it again women love the broken ones add in bad boy to that and it's panty dropping time.
As I got to know Shane an Grace I couldn't help but fall in love with them and their story. The push and the pull. The fear of falling yet not being able to deny it. In the first  two books you watch this great love story unfold. The situations and fights were actually realistic. I hate it when I'm reading a book and i have that are you kidding me moment. Not to say anything can't happen but let's not get too crazy. I love the fact that these books had me reaching for a cigarette and a glass of wine to both calm me for so many different situations, the passion the fighting the pain. You chose which one.
Aside from Shane and grace there were other great characters. there was the group of friends we all wish we had. Now if your going to tell me you wouldn't want to hang with a bunch of hot musicians i will tell you to your face that you are a liar. Although I do think that if I hung out with Tucker I would probably end up in Nassau county correction facility. He's that dude that makes you want to bathe in bleach  after you hang out with him. As for  Grace's best friend Lea she's great as my grandma would say she's a real spit fire. She actually reminds me of my sister with her take no shit attitude.
There are other characters along the way like Gabriel now him I would love to drop kick in the balls. I guess it's not right to say that about an angel but it's true. He's just all kinds of f**ked up.
In the third book you get to hear Shane's side of things and let me tell you I fell deeper in love with him.  I mean seriously he is just hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!
What it all boils down to is a great love story with a bunch of twists and turns.